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Welcome to the 8th annual Strides for Africa

Register Now for August 19th Run/Walk Event

• Strides for Africa is a non-profit organization that focuses on completing clean water projects in areas of need in Africa.

• This year’s Strides for Africa event will start and finish at Madison Central Park, which located in downtown Madison at 202 South Ingersoll St. Central Park Sessions (in conjunction with Africa Fest) will have a session in progress after the event so stick around for great African music, food carts, and beverages following Strides for Africa. The Strides for Africa event is a unique fundraising experience to change the lives of people half a world away by helping to raise money for water well projects in Africa. The run/walk kicks off the 19th annual Africa Fest 2017.

• For more frequent updates on the event and progress of clean water projects, follow us on Facebook at “Strides for Africa”.

Experience the Long Walk for Water -
Sign up for the Team Relay!

Looking for a new type of challenge, try our Team Relay. It is an experience that is educational for participants on the daily water gathering experience in rural Africa. Participants will carry empty jerry cans approximately 1-mile to a water filling station and then walk back to Central Park with their respective jerry cans of water. Options will be flexible for the weight of water your team decides to carry back from empty to full cans. Through this experience, it is our hope that participants will gain a deeper understanding for the challenges that millions of rural Africans face each and every day. For more information, go to the Team Relay page.

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Your Impact!

For every Strides for Africa participant/donor, the resulting impact has been equivalent to providing a clean water source for FIVE rural Africans for the next 20-25 years, over the event's first six years. To date, Strides for Africa has funded 13 water projects. The 10 completed projects have changed the lives for an estimated 10,000 people. Three projects currently remain in progress.

See the Impact Strides for Africa has made!

2010 Event
Hand dug well in Robit, Ethiopia
225 Beneficiaries
GPS coordinates:
Latitude 12º17'54.33"
Longitude 37º22'05.67"

2011 Event
Hand dug well in May Mgnaf, Ethiopia
150 Beneficiaries
GPS coordinates:
Latitude 14.02173
Longitude 38.82947

2012 Event

see video

Over $5,000 was raised during this event and the project is ongoing in Gonok, Ethiopia. This project was extensively delayed due to severe drought in this region of Ethiopia. After pausing work, the community and our partners have made important progress in the past couple of months. They are in the process of digging trenches for the pipeline and just completed the construction of all nine water distribution points. Our water tap will be recognized soon.



2013 Event

Hand Dug Well at Life Christian Academy Disco Hill on the RIA Highway (Approximately 25 miles southeast of Monrovia, Liberia) Estimated 285 Beneficiaries




Shallow Borehole Well at Mesiho Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia
Estimated 275 Beneficiaries
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 14.350130
Longitude: 39.049440


2014 Event

Over $12,000 was raised. One ongoing project in Ethiopia and two completed water well projects in Liberia. See photo from April 2015 of the completed well for Cotton Tree Village. 300 Beneficiaries.




Hand Dug Well at Evangelical Free Church Academy
Monrovia, Liberia
Estimated 3,000 Beneficiaries




Mawuraye #1 Shallow Borehole Well
GPS Coordinates:
12.375640, 37.507410
Villages of Gondar, Ethiopia
Estimated 251 Beneficiaries

2015 Event

Over $18,000 raised. One ongoing project in Ethiopia and one ongoing project in Liberia.

Hand Dug Well at New Hope Christian Academy (Fundraising effort led by Ms. Bazan’s World Geography Class at McFarland High School in McFarland, WI)
Bassa Town, Liberia
Estimated 2,000 Beneficiaries



Hand Dug Well – Funded by the Community of Sayville School District, New York (Fundraising effort led by Zoe Rivera, Sayville New York)
Caldwell, Liberia
Estimated 3,000 Beneficiaries


Hand Dug Well at Glauhn Jeh Elementary and Junior High School – Funded by the Community of William Floyd School District, New York (Fundraising effort led by Zoe Rivera, Sayville New York)
Johnsonville, Liberia
Estimated 625 Beneficiaries

2016 Event Goal: $25,000
This year's goal is to fund clean water projects in Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Rwanda.