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f you cannot attend Strides for Africa 2017, but would like to donate to the cause, please make your contribution to the Strides for Africa 2017 Campaign.

Our 2 completed projects in Liberia this year are changing lives for communities in Liberia in more rural areas near the capital city of Monrovia. We have been fortunate to have local organizations and now, most recently, schools fund entire water well projects over the past few years. These projects have shown that we can do work locally to make positive global change through the gift of clean water. A typical well cost ranges from $3,500 to $5,000. Does your school, family, or organization want to fully fund a well in rural Africa? If yes, contact Strides for Africa at

Funding a well makes incredible impact and completely changes the lives of so many people. A community’s gratification for a new well can be sensed through well completion photos. Strides for Africa funded a record 5 water projects from last year’s event and follow-up fundraising activities.

Our Valued Partners

Proceeds from the event in this 7th year will benefit “Water to Thrive” based in Austin, Texas, where we will focus funds toward water projects in southern Ethiopia. Funds will also go toward water projects in Liberia through Live Life Liberia. 100% of proceeds to these partners will be distributed directly to water projects on the ground in Africa. We are also looking to begin work in Sierra Leone, Rwanda, and Kenya as soon as we are able.
We are making great strides through local partnerships to help in diversifying our project types and number of African nations reached. We are excited to announce our developing partnerships with Project 1808, Inc. (Sierra Leone) and Feeding Mouths Filling Minds (Rwanda).

If you’d like to donate directly to a Strides project under either partner, you can click on the link above to make a donation directly to the Strides for Africa campaign in Ethiopia.
Alternatively, if you’d like to make a specific donation to future water projects in Liberia or Sierra Leone, please send a check payable to AAM-Strides For Africa with “Liberia”, “Sierra Leone”, or “Rwanda” in the check-note section to:

African Association of Madison, Inc.
Attn: Strides for Africa
P.O. Box 1016
Madison, WI 53701-1016


If you have any general questions regarding this event, please e-mail or call 608.212.7496.