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Changing Lives by Putting Water Wells in Africa

Projects in Ethiopia

2017: Protected Springhead in Daguwa

500 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 6° 33' 4.56"
Longitude: 38° 44' 5.88"

Most of our work has been in northern Ethiopia as that was where our implementation partners were set-up to conduct their work. This project was our first in Southern Ethiopia - closest to our adopted son's birthplace.

2016: Shallow Borehole at Mai Ayni

225 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 14° 1' 17.4"
Longitude: 39° 26' 17.38"

Continuing our work in Ethiopia with Water to Thrive. Every project changes everything for these rural communities.

2015: Hand dug well at Adisfaha

305 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 14° 10' 4.55"
Longitude: 39° 24' 23.9"

Our first clean water project in Ethiopia with our new implementation partner, Water to Thrive.

2014: Shallow borehole at Mawuraye

251 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 12° 22' 32.3"
Longitude: 37° 30' 26.68"

In 2009, we were part of a group of 10 families that adopted from Ethiopia - we wanted to give back and funded two water wells as Families for Ethiopia before forming Strides for Africa. Our 5-year reunion at the Strides for Africa Run/Walk in 2014 was our largest event and helped us fund 2 wells for the first time.

2013: Shallow Borehole at Mesiho

275 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 14° 21' 0.47"
Longitude: 39° 2' 57.98"

Strides funds our first shallow borehole (drilled) water well project to Mesiho, Ethiopia.

2012: Taps, lines and distribution point at Gonok

405 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 13° 1' 58.48"
Longitude: 39° 42' 49.43"

Our involvement in a truly incredible water project. Read more about the incredible story of bringing clean water to Gonok through our partner, A Glimmer of Hope.

2011: Hand dug well at May Mgnaf

150 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 14° 1' 18.23"
Longitude: 38° 49' 46.09"

Our 2nd well funded as an organization. Widening our impact with clean water sources to help rural communities in need.

2010: Hand dug well in Robit

225 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 12° 17' 54.33"
Longitude: 37° 22' 5.67"

Always will be special to us as it was the first well funded by Strides for Africa.

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