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Strides for Africa

Changing Lives by Putting Water Wells in Africa

CLICK HERE to register for the in-person run/walk on August 20th at McPike Park in Madison.

Strides for Africa is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is 100% staffed by volunteers. We are focused on clean water and education projects in rural Africa.

For more frequent updates on events and progress on our projects, follow us on Facebook at “Strides for Africa”.

Our Mission: Exposed to the water crisis in rural Africa during the adoption of a child, we initiate action through educational outreach and events that fund sustainable clean water sources or projects providing educational/health benefits for African communities.

Our Vision: Our clean water and educational projects provide donors a unique opportunity to see outcomes within impoverished African communities for better health, empowered youth, and ultimately transformed communities.

Our Values:
• Equity
• Education
• Sustainability
• Resiliency
• Community
• Opportunity
• Expedited Positive Change