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Strides for Africa Partners with NovoMoto to Bring Solar Lighting to 25 Health Clinics in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

We are pleased to announce our role to serve as a nonprofit partner to NovoMoto, LLC. NovoMoto won the Governor’s Business Plan contest in 2018, and this Madison-based company serves the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

We got right down to work with NovoMoto in December 2019 by partnering for a project to install solar kits to 25 off-grid clinics in the DRC. Specifically, NovoMoto installed solar-based lighting and phone charging kits for 25 clinics in the Plateau of Bateke, outside of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Previously, these clinics relied on kerosene lamps, candles, and disposable battery flashlights to light patient rooms, waiting areas, and to perform evaluations and operations.

These solar kits provided the opportunity for doctors, nurses, and clinic staff to care for patients throughout the day and night. On average, these clinics have saved 75% on their lighting and phone charging expenses since December 2019. The benefits of brighter and longer lasting lighting are already being experienced. 1,908 patients were seen, 191 children were born and 37 operations were performed at the 25 clinics in January 2020. Solar lighting at these clinics also supports their care of patients with COVID-19.

We hope that our partnership will help to provide technical insight as we try to incorporate more solar into our water projects. We also hope that some day NovoMoto could grow to serve other parts of Africa, perhaps in communities where we have already helped to provide a clean water source. We support NovoMoto’s aspiration to power millions of homes in Africa. To learn more about NovoMoto, check out this video!