Strides for Africa

Changing Lives by Putting Water Wells in Africa

Koinadugu College Community Update in Fall 2019

When we visited Kabala, Sierra Leone in January 2017, Koinadugu College was a dream for the largest district in Sierra Leone. The community asked for this project and Strides for Africa’s partner, Project 1808 is delivering. In fall 2019, we helped to provide a community update on the progress of Koinadugu College.

We are so fortunate to be a project partner along with Feeding Mouths Filling Minds on this transformational project sure to provide impact for generations. Together, our three small volunteer-driven Wisconsin nonprofits and our collective supporters are making this project happen and it is quite exciting!

We are proud of the progress including the recently added solar, which is already operational. More panels coming soon! We saw the sanitary bathrooms that were fundraised as part of Strides for Africa 2018. And we saw the campus water well, which is truly a miraculous feat to celebrate as it is the deepest hand dug well in the region at 74 feet depth!

We’d like to thank the community for being so welcoming to our travel group on our recent visit. It is an honor to serve a community that is so hungry for this institution.