Run/Walk Event!

August 21, 2021

The Relay is Back!

an inspiring video
We will have a team relay again this year to show the rigors of the water gathering process in rural Africa. As Americans, we are so fortunate to turn on our faucets each day to have clean, drinkable water with no effort at all.

For those in rural Africa, the daily grind for water takes an incredible amount of effort, particularly for the women and children. The relay is not meant to be competitive but rather educational to simulate the challenges of the water gathering process that the women and children complete each day in rural Africa.

The team relay will require teams to carry an empty 5-gallon jerry can from the start line to the filling station near Tenney Park (approximately 1 mile). Teams will then fill their plastic jerry can to their desired weight (full can weighs approximately 50 lbs). The jerry cans will be equipped with 1.5 inch webbing (like a seatbelt) to serve as a harness. The harness will be adjustable to account for the different size of team members.

For the relay portion, one member of the team will carry the jerry can at a time, while the other team members walk along side the teammate that is carrying the jerry can. The jerry can be switched between team members at any time. For teams deciding to fill their can to the max, it will be challenging, but doable.

gathering water in team relay
FOR TEAM RELAY FINSHERS! All finishers of the team relay event will receive a 20 oz. BPA-Free water bottle.

Team relay registration will be available online through August 19, and will be open on the day-of-event while relay supplies last, so arrive early (recommend between 9:00 am and 9:30 am) to get your team entered into the relay. The relay portion will be $40 per person on event day.