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Projects in Sierra Leone

2017- Present: Multiple Infrastructure Projects at Koinadugu College

A Wisconsin-based nonoprofit, Project 1808, is leading the formation of Koinadugu College in Kabala, Sierra Leone. Strides for Africa serves as a partner to Project 1808 along with Wisconsin -based nonprofit, Feeding Mouths Filling Minds. Both organizations serve on the planning committee to help develop this college, which remains a work in progress. Photos from our 2019 community update below. (Photos courtesy fo Jill Moore)

2017-2019: Hand dug well in Kabala (Koinadugu College)

1000 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 9° 36' 20.16"
Longitude: 11° 32' 39.84"

At 74 feet, this is the deepest known hand dug well in Sierra Leone. It supplies running water to Koinadugu College.

2019: Powering Koinadugu College

Beneficiaries: The students of Koinadugu College
Latitude: 9° 36' 22.02"
Longitude: 11° 32' 39.48"

Strides donors raised $5,000 to cover Phase 1 of the solar installation for Koinadugu College.

2018: Adding Flushable Toilets to Koinadugu College

Beneficiaries: The students of Koinadugu College
Latitude: 9° 36' 22.38"
Longitude: 11° 32' 37.5"

Strides donors raised $3,500 to build a flushable toilet structure, needed infrastructure, but uncommon in Kabala.

2016-2017: Hand dug well in Bilimaia Chiefdom (Kabala)

1000 Beneficiaries
Latitude: 9° 35' 19.68"
Longitude: 11° 32' 45.96"

A Project 1808 student led the effort to make this well a reality for his chiefdom of Bilimaia after previously waiting at the community's old well from midnight to 5:00am to get clean water from the community's old well prior to this installation. This hand dug well was our first project in Sierra Leone.

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